What we can do for you

Artech can create the software technology system you need to stimulate a large upsurge in the productivity of your business, develop rapidly and gain access to a larger market. We have more than 20 years of experience in custom software development, providing long-term, reliable software consulting, development and operation maintenance services for numerous businesses.

For every business we serve, we devote time and energy into gaining domain knowledge, we work together to produce a practical plan and we execute it with efficiency and accuracy.


Together, we redefine the World through software

Today, all industries are inseparable from the support and drive of information technology. The leader in every field, at its core, is a leading software and data company.

Today, software defines everything. Software capabilities are the core competencies of every business. together, we will redefine the World through software.

We will be your best software partner. In reality, we are not like a company, more like a band in which you will be a member, highly efficient yet synchronised team work, in order to create formidable master-pieces.


The strong bond between us and you

Custom software development is a high-risk business, 60%-70% of the projects will end in failure. In the time of our development lasting more than 10 years, we have never failed, all projects have been successfully put into use, 80% of them lasting for a number of years, even decades.

We are still maintaining and improving systems that were developed 20 years ago, these systems have provided our customers with technological advancements that their rivals cannot surpass, becoming their core competitiveness, adding value that cannot be put into money terms.


Here at Artech, the team not only refers our internal development team but all those involved in the project. Here, everyone strives for the same goal and engages with every aspect of the project.

Communication and cooperation

Efficient yet synchronised cooperation produces formidable master-pieces. Excellent communication is a fundamental foundation of success, we have many long-term partnerships, customers who have been with us for more than 10 years, everything comes down to honest and pragmatic communication and understanding.

Self-built team

All of our projects are completed by our team, we will never use methods such as outsourcing or subcontracting to complete the project. We believe that only the team that we belong to, which has been through many forms of long-term training, can provide development skills of high quality.

Firm attitude

Time is limited, we need to spend it on purposeful things. Not a single line of unnecessary coding will exist, all investment is focused on meaningful work.

Dare to explore

Software development contains high levels of uncertainty, exploration requires courage. We depend on a wealth of experience and excellent communication skills. We have the courage to explore unfamiliar territories. We will fulfill the responsibilities to our customers.

Trust each other

We are committed to being responsible to our customers, at the same time, we hope that our customers act responsibly to us. In every exchange of communication, we build up trust, only in this way, can we maintain highly synchronised cooperation and overcome difficulties hand in hand.


software consultation

Before you start your project, we need to spend some time understanding your needs, problems you’re currently facing, expected results. We will provide the following consulting services.

Basic project evaluation

If you start a new project, we can provide professional advice, using the shortest amount of time to provide a preliminary evaluation in the following areas:

  • 1. Preliminary survey of needs, application plan evaluation, implementation plan evaluation
  • 2. Workload estimation, full risk assessment, resource organisation coordination assessment
  • 3. Technical solution assessment, technical risk assessment, technical difficulties predictions

System renovation and reconstruction assessment

If your business has one or more existing systems, for various reasons, such as no maintenance personnel, outdated technology, business changes and other issues, needing improvements, renovations or reconstructions, we will conduct a real analysis of your system and needs and provide a recommendation report. Regardless of whether you have the source code of the original system, we can always provide you with the corresponding services, renewing your system.

System design and planning

On the initial basis, we can delve deep into a project and turn your ideas into reality. We will work with you extensively to analyse the problems you face. The outcome is a blueprint for your project, completed with:

  • 1. Clear definition of business value
  • 2. Well-defined requirements
  • 3. Technical design and architecture
  • 4. End-to-end UI mockups
  • 5. Project roadmap
  • 6. Time and cost quote


Project development

Under most circumstances, customers have an expected goal and corresponding budget investment, which is a very reasonable way of working.

For a new project, after the first phase of delivery, customers usually spend 3 to 6 months to use and really familiarise themselves with the system, making it an integral part of the entire company’s business system.

After a time period, most customers will look for us again, based on their experience of using the preliminary version of the system, proceed to the next round of designing and development, usually at this stage, they have a deeper understanding and clearer picture, at this time, we will work together once again and produce the second version.

Below are the general types and development cycles and costs of our development projects for our clients:

项目类型 | 开发周期 | 预算
Proof of concept, prototype system, tool or stand-alone program 6-12 weeks 50,000-200,000
Takeover of existing software, project rescue, or software “remodel” 3-8 months 100,000-600,000
Simple tool- a web application or mobile app that handles just a few critical features with minimal flexibility, maybe an “MVP” or v1.0. 2-5 months 150,000-500,000
Commercial-grade web or mobile application with a polished interface and more “complete” feature set, this is usually the first phase of a multi-phase project. 5-10 months 300,000-1,000,000
Advanced, multi-stage, cross-platform system-usually with third-party integrations, many different user types, lots of flexibility and configuration capabilities. 10-18 months 500,000-3,000,000

In the custom software development industry, there are various hidden problems such as budget overruns, continuously arguing, and so on. We try our best to eliminate project risks and accelerate development through scientific, professional, and reasonable cooperation and development processes, so that your budget can be spent on where it is needed the most.

When it comes to development costs, depending on the customer's expectations of the system and the different stages of the system, there will be differences, even very big differences. Generally speaking, speed and quality are the key factors affecting cost.

In addition, the customer's experience and understanding of information technology will also have a crucial impact on the development of the project, especially for more complex systems, the understanding of development work is directly related to the final development cost and effect of the system.


Typical technical service area

The following are some of the common areas of the projects we have completed, but our areas of work are not limited to certain vertical industries. Our job is to use a scientific, professional approach, through our experience, to learn the customer's domain knowledge as quickly as possible, and to provide professional development services to meet the specific business needs of customers.


Open position

'Software development is one of the few occupations that can change the society on its own. I think as long as you have engaged in this career full of happiness, you will never want to give it up.'

——Yukihiro Matsumoto Inventor of the Ruby programming language








掌握WEB前端开发技术: JavaScript、HTML、CSS等。











熟练使用原型设计工具Axrue,精通MS Office、Visio等办公软件。